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Embark on a journey of self-discovery at The Core Reformery

We'll guide you towards holistic wellness amidst tranquil surroundings and personalized attention. The Core Reformery is more than a Pilates studio; it's your oasis for fostering balance, strength, and vitality.

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Getting started

Download our The Core Reformery app on the App Store or Google Play to book your classes on the go. You can manage your bookings, class packs and submit your requests on the app. 

Tip: If you're a student or working nearby the studio, submit a request for a discount (up to 20% off for students) via the app!

Which class should I go for?

We provide introductory group classes tailored for beginners, allowing you to ease into Pilates at a comfortable pace and become acquainted with the method. Explore our Align classes for a beginner-friendly workout, or opt for Elongate to experience a full-body stretch!

Need guidance?

If you're still uncertain about joining group classes, consider booking a private session (1:1) where you can learn Pilates at your own pace. Rest assured that opting for a private session means you'll receive personalized guidance and the utmost support from our experienced instructors to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What do I bring?

Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a pair of grip socks and your water bottle. We have a changing area in the studio and a water dispenser. You can also get grip socks at our studio for $28 each. 

Got more questions?

Give it a try

Get started with one of our trial packs below:

3 Group Class


3 Private Solo


3 Private Duet


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